Tunnel Network, Communication, Security & Safety Technology

Alpha-IP work with the very best partners to provide expertise across multiple tunnel applications, from leaky feeder cable transmission for radio applications, to audio and video systems for emergency control. We offer a range of services including:

  • Design and Consultancy
  • Installation and Cabling
  • Hardware supply and Project Management

We understand that radio coverage, robust surveillance and alarm systems are essential for safety as well as for tunnel management

Understanding the unique environment and associated communication requirements, Alpha-IP have the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the solution right for your project.

Radio coverage is an absolute necessity within tunnels for safety as well as tunnel management. In these challenging environments there are various considerations that need to be addressed in selecting the appropriate technologies for any installation.

Leaky Feeders or Radiating Cables are used in Tunnels to provide extended cover for UHF, VHF and GSM Wireless applications. These systems provide 24/7 communication, this is essential in emergencies when access to communication is required.

Alpha-IP and its Partners are Tunnel experts

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